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Challenge No. 5

Too many deadlines at work… so we had to skip a week. This week, however, a little late but we’re still going fishing! I fished once and I found it very taxing. I prefer fish markets better. Unlike chicken, there’s still tons of Tilapia and Salmon at Costco. If you don’t have salmon, it’s okay.…

Simple No-Bake Pizza

I had too many tomatoes at one point, so I turn some into a homemade blend of marinara sauce. And recently, I’ve been on a bread expedition, trying out my bread baking skills. One of the easiest, I found was Focaccia bread. It was so delicious; the first time I made it, I ate the…

No-Bake Pizza

This week’s challenge made for a great lunch. My vegan no-bake pizza is made with bakery bread, chickpea and garlic hummus, and freshly chopped veggies, seasoned with salt and paprika. by Julia

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