“Black” Pasta…wait, is that Guac?

Black Bean Fettuccine with Green Pea Pesto

When I saw this challenge, I had to share my green pea pesto with the world. I accidentally stumbled onto it when I was doing Whole30 last year, and I ran out of basil and pine nuts were (still) out of my price range. But I had green peas. I had garlic. I had walnuts. Muahahahaha!

In this recipe, the green pea pesto, I substituted walnuts with cashews (a tinge of sweetness), added oregano, spiced with cayenne and garlic (a little kick), and drizzled some grapeseed oil (it was on sale) and water. Salt and pepper to taste. It looks like guac, I know. Very delicious though!

The black bean pasta is enriched with black sesame and mixed with semolina flour… quite fragile. Last Christmas, I received my first Kitchenaid stand attachment (from my sister) and guess what it was! The 3-piece pasta roller and cutter set. So this was also my first time using the attachment. It was really easy to use. I am envisioning a lot of colored pasta in my future. 😀

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